Noobs hunt Eidolons

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Ok Peoples of the County,

I am severely under levelled with the Quills, and desperately need to get out there and capture some Eidolons, however, the fact that it is almost impossible to do with randoms, and my inability to often know when I'm going to get a chance to play, has prevented me from doing this so far.

However, this weekend I have a Kitchen pass form the wife and I've decided to do something about it. So, if you haven't yet been out and had a crack at capturing an Eidolon and want to, or are a veteran and want to come along for a laugh, message me and we'll try and get this thing off the ground.

I am proposing that we connect at about 11:15 am GMT on Saturday the 6th of January to go for the 11:31 - 12:21 night cycle. Success is very much not guaranteed, however, it is a good opportunity to meet other clan mates, have a go at something with a high barrier to entry for solo players, and have a laugh, without someone throwing their toys out of the pram because you're out of position.

A mic would be highly beneficial, or some MAD controller typing skills. 



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