Da Ultimate Meme Contest

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Da Ultimate Meme
In this contest you can create your own Warframe meme! For this contest you can edit your picture as much as you want to make it the best meme. The winner of this contest will get a 1 month premium membership, 6,900 Rage Bucks, and the Doge shop item!

How to Enter:
To enter all you need to do is grab a random picture (that you took) from Warframe and add some text to it, like many other memes. Try to make the text fit in with the picture so that it makes sense.

  • The picture must be taken from you on your account
  • The text must be written by you
  • The text must not be copied from anywhere else
  • Images and text must follow the forum rules
  • Only ONE submission per member

Example (submitted by @ThreeLambs):


A winner will be chosen on 2/15/2018 by the clan council. Enjoy the memes, Tenno! Kubrow Doge

40 year old virgins are wizards.  Loki Wot
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