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Yo. its been a while scince i posted anything here hehe. 

So i have just recently got back in to Warframe again after a break on 9 months or so and i have a few questions i guess.

First of all. What of the new weapons are both the best and most enyoyable and what do you guys think i should farm for. 

2. Can someone get me caught up with how the clan have progressed and what have happend this year.

3. Someone wanna play sometime hmu hahah PSN: Ringstrom10 and 

4. whats everybodys favourite loadouts atm, would love to see how the meta have shifted and what all of you guys like.

5. Love u all and i hope i get to reunite with some old friends from the clan and some new <3

Hi im Alex, Alex thats me..

Discord: Nanashi#7321


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