Eidolon Hunting - Chroma + Void Strike + Rubico

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This is a post about what I think is a good way to using Chroma to hunt the Eidolon Trio. It may not be the best method/way but so far its been working for me. As always if you know of a better way or a way to improve this guide, do share it and I'll be happy to update this post.

As the title suggests, this is a guide to Eidolon hunting using a Chroma, I've yet to try it out with a Trin or a Volt so if anyone uses those two frames for hunts, do help the clan out by posting a thread for us noobies to learn from you.

Madurai - Void Strike
To start off, if you have not unlocked the Madurai school, do get the focus lens for it and go focus farming to unlock the Void Strike ability for your operator. 
What Void Strike does is that for every second you spend in Void Mode(operator cloaking) you will gain 12% additional damage to your next 8 attacks for every second spent cloaked. Note that this applies to both operator amp attacks and warframe weapon attacks and it has no time limit, more of a shot limit. 

For example, if you spent 10 seconds cloaked in void mode, when you do leave void mode you would've gained and additional 120% increase in damage applied to both amp shots and weapon shots to a total of 8 shots. 

There is no time limit to the shots, it does not 'power down' over time but it does have a shot limit. After the limit is reached, your damage will be reset and you will have to enter void mode again to recharge a new batch of 8 shots. You can however remain in void mode to keep charging the shots to increase damage buff, and you are able to leave void mode and reenter it again and again to charge up the damage.

To explain this. lets say for example your operator has a max energy of 100. Entering void mode with Void strike active will consume 7 energy per second which will give you a 14s time to remain in void mode. From this, you will receive a damage buff from void strike of a 168%. You may then leave void mode, wait till your energy is recharged and enter void mode again for another 14s to gain another 168% on top of the 168% damage buff you got from the first time to total up to 326%. 
And you may do this as many times as you want so long as the number of shots have not been used up. 

With this you may charge up your shots to be able to potential one-shot the shields or the limbs of the eidolon(with fury buff) depending on the situation. 

*Calculations stated here are for example sake and may not be an accurate account of what the actual numbers are. You'll need to test out the real numbers for yourself since they may very from one player to another.*

Warframe - Chroma - Vex Armor Build
To hunt the eidolons with chroma, Vex Armor is of course the way to go. I build my chroma to max ability strength and duration which sacrifices range and efficiency.
Currently I have a : 
Duration : 246% (vex armor lasts for 61.38s)
Efficiency : 45% (vex armor costs 116 energy to cast)
Range : 40% (7.2m basically the buff is for myself unless my teammates stands next to me)
Strength : 323% (Fury buff at : 888% and scorn buff at 1130%)

The mods I have on for the above stats are (my personal preference and I can live with the high cost of casting vex armor)
  • Dead Eye aura (+52.5% sniper dmg)
  • Power Drift 
  • Blind Rage
  • Transient fortitude
  • Augur Secrets 
  • Intensify
  • Primed Continuity
  • Narrow minded 
  • Constitution 
  • Vitality 
Yes it costs over 100 energy to cast vex armor but since it lasts for slightly over a minute long. I dont have to cast it over and over again so i rather have that than a 30-40s vex armor which costs less to cast. 

For the new guys, vex armor ability is a double edged sword which increases Chroma's armor (Scorn) when his shield is damaged and, increases Health (fury) when his health is damaged. To get these buffs, Chroma will first have to be damaged before he can enjoy increased armor and damage, sort of like what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger kinda thing. So it is advisable to carry a self damaging side arm(because you'll need your primary to dmg the eidolons) like the depair/kunai with Concealed Explosives equipped and possibly toxin dmg to dmg Chroma's health for the Fury buff to take effect. Make sure to carry some Squad Health Restores with you to not kill yourself in the process. Yes you can die from this. 

After maxing out the buffs, you can either wait for your teammate with a strong amp to bring the eidolon's shields down while setting yourself up to shoot the limbs, or you may enter operator mode to either shoot the eidolon shields or to enter void mode to charge up your Void Strike. Just keep in mind of the remaining time Vex armor has, and recast it before the timer runs out or else you will be wasting time trying to damage yourself again to regain the buff (recasting Vex armor before the timer runs out, resets the timer without losing the buffs gained).

Weapon - Sniper - Rubico(prime) - or Lanka
Personally I prefer the Rubico because I am terrible with aiming with the lanka and charging it up. If you prefer the lanka or the vectis, it is entirely up to you.
What i modded my Rubico Prime with is this 
  • Serration
  • Point strike
  • Vital Sense
  • Split Chamber
  • Vigilante Armaments 
  • Strombringer 
  • Thermite Rounds
  • Primed Cryo Rounds
Since the main element that the eidolons are weak from is radiation damage, naturally I modded the Rubico for Radiation (Heat + Electricity) and added Primed Cyro Rounds (Cold Damage) because it is the second best element to deal as much damage as I can to the Eidolons (multishot may be able to shoot out both Rad and Cold damage at the same time) 

As with all snipers, make sure you aim them with max zoom to utilize their buffs. Rubico Prime gives a 5x critical damage buff at max zoom. And for those who do not know or did not notice, Snipers have a sniper combo counter which activates when you successfully hit a target while zoomed. Therefore, you may utilize this and shoot the eidolon even while his shields are up (although the dmg is 0, it registers as a successful shot) to increase the combo counter which in turn, increases the damage you can dish out. Pair this up with Chroma's Fury and Void Strike and you will be one-shotting those pesky limbs away and if you play it right you may even be able to one shot the eidolon at the last phase to cap or kill them. 

Companion (side trick thanks to SuperBolt__)
as for the companion, I brought my Helios Prime equipped with a Deth Machine Rifle into the fray. Only reason why I do this is to equip unranked Vigilante mods on to the deth machine rifle. Vigilante Armaments, Supplies and Frevor, on top of the Vigilante Armaments equipped on the Rubico, i have an additional 20% chance to enhance my crits, from normal > yellow, or Yellow > orange, or Orange > red. Thanks to Superbolt for this major insight of using these mods. I am able to sometimes deal a significantly damage increased shot every once in a while, which is nice.

With all the small details and damage buff you can gain from here and there, you are able to build a significant amount of damage to be able to bring down the eidolons health with one shot if not, with multiple shots quickly. 

I hope this gives you a better insight as to how a chroma can be used in hunts, I did not explain how to actually hunt the eidolons itself and the different phases there are to hunting it cause if I do, this post will be never ending. As always, have fun playing warframe!

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