will dance for rage bucks

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Greetings. I'm Nathaniel, except I'm actually still Devon, even though everybody here calls me Scratch. Its a long story, with twists and turns and other types of movement, but it's not important now.

Quick aside, can we sue fortnite? V-bucks are a clear infringment of the R-bucks IP, and I feel we're entittled to compensation for loss of potential profits, plus half of whatever a Ninja is.

I've been here the better part of a year, if we're counting the sixish months where my playstion was broken and I had been kicked for inactivity. In that time, I've made some friend, gone through about three hundred dollars of somebody else's platinum, went from MR5 to "MR doesn't matter any more", and finally learned to love the grind, by not doing it.

In the clan, I'm the kid who eats paste. You can often find me posting bad memes, telling bad jokes, pretending I'm witty, or giving things away for next to nothing because I don't believe in value.

In real life, I'm best described as such:

I am technically a scientist;
I have been in several knife fights with my parent;
The longest book I have ever read was seven thousand pages long, and it took me three days;
I once caught a squirrel with my bare hands;
I am a liar who writes lies for internet points, which is also a lie.

You now know more about me than my therapist, which is gonna therapiss her off to hear.

Can rage bucks be exchanged for illicit biological materials? I need a fresh moose heart for this thing.

Pull lever to dispense salt


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