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Heya everyone, I just got accepted a couple days ago, and wanted to say hello. 

I've been playing Warframe for 6 weeks now, and I've been progressing pretty steadily, but as everyone quickly learns with this game, it's pretty complex and requires a lot of research to understand the game. So I'm definitely thankful to be in a clan now, to hopeful get some help and guidance at times. I'm very much looking forward to helping others in return somehow. 

In a personal note, the past couple weeks have been tough for me and my family; my baby daughter was hospitalized, but she's been doing well now, but we've just been monitoring and caring for her in the meantime. So if my activity, or communication is lacking for now, it's due to that. I try to get on a night's to unwind and have a break though. 

It be good to talk on the mic with an officer or veteran at some point, just so I can get some clarification on some things, and I'd like to know what was I can help.

 I'm not sure how to describe my power level, but I'd love to group up with another clan mate(s) around my level sometime. I'm about to turn mastery 6, and currently I just got my second Warframe, Nyx. She's lvl 30, and I'm about to use my first formas. I used my first Orokin catalysts on a Vulkar and Lecta for her, and it's made a huge difference. Now I'm hunting to get my first Orokin Reactor. 

Looking forward to meeting you all online at some point - cheers!
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