Need a suggestion for next frame to farm.

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Ok so as the title says I’m trying to farm a new frame, before I joined the clan I was a vaunban main (pre rework) and loved it, after came nidus and Octavia which rewarded my hard work very well. I’ve recently built and started playing saryn, Mesa and chroma as all purpose frames.
i have frost and ember as dedicated defense frames and then I have volt and trinity that. I use for eidolons. I use ash and Loki for spy missions and nekros/Hydroid for farming resources. Mag and NYx seem to be wildcards till I can get more potatoes for them and we’ll umbra is umbra. So I’m looking for a good suggestion or just general direction lol, because I can’t make up muy mind and trying to get them all at once is strenuous.

any help, tips, or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

And before I get flamed for not having or saying Rhino, I never farmed for rhino cuz I figured nidus had a better stomp (thoughts 2 years ago). Outside of index where would I use rhino tbh. Could he become a mission staple for me or just fun to use I haven’t been swayed or decided one way or the other.
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