Why use Kubrows over other companions?

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Ok so I have a  crapton of hours played in WF but in all that time I have never found a compelling reason to invest in/use Kubrows over the other companions/sentinels available (besides pet Moas as they look just as useless if not more so).  I have bred 4 kubros I think with one being the infested version and aside from being able to make them look ok(i think all kubrow need a visual update honestly) non of them seem to provide any real benefits over their competition.  I guess the one that digs up energy orbs(Chesa) has a decent gimmick, and the huras kubrow makes you invis similar to Shade though I wouldn't know first hand as I can't seem to breed one for the life of me.  Other then the two i listed I just don't understand their draw.  I generally only build my companions for utility/survivability/their niche as it always seemed more beneficial to me then giving them a little extra damage to single targets.

am I missing something really good about them?  With the fetch mod being introduced I have been using both kavat breeds a lot more in everyday missions, and all companions did get new set mods with tek enhance/tek assault being my favs for kitties.  Are the ones for doggos good enough to warrant not only farming/buying the mods but using kubrows because of them?   Is there a breed of Kubrow I am somehow sleeping on that brings something really interesting/useful to the table?

the strain set looks Meh, The set bonus from the mecha set where it spreads status effects to other enemies within a certain radius looks like it could have potential, but the individual mods making up the set don't really wow me at a glance. I would appreciate any input on the matter, as I haven't invested in nor used them enough to know and the little that i have was underwhelming to say the least.  see you in the void tenno.


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