I haven't forgotten you lot

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Hey Guys,

So as it turns out despite trying im still pretty rubbish at using the discord app, too much stuff passing through my phone from work that it just gets lost at the way side.
PS burnt me out and the release build of Fortuna didn't help with missions failing upon reaching the quest marker. Then Christmas came, and I have been playing my way through monster hunter world, and Ace Combat 7 a game after my childhood hahha.

Work has also picked up in intensity so I'm pulling commisions that are taking spare time after work, and a load of other things that would rank worse than my halloween last year (the people of discord who saw that will know). All in all life as for everyone is a lot at the minute!

My PS4 is full to the brim right now, so can't update Warframe, the OG 500gb has gotten me a long way, but now needs to be expanded, I'll be getting an external as soon as possible to move some of my games to free up space and I shall be back on Warframe with you guys soon...I hope *prays to the credit broker*.

In the mean time I'll leave the website up on my laptop so that I actually check the forums out more often, and I'll try take a look at discord when I'm not tired of my phone buzzing!
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