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These builds use other builds so that it can function properly.

Cassowar Status Build
Smeeta Loot & Support

Tank + Range + Knockdown Recovery

This tanky build uses a range of mods (no pun intended; maybe just a little). Not only does it keep you alive for a long period of time, but he gives extra loot to you and all your teammates.[Image: 6ObYalp.jpg]


If you just want to be an unstoppable loot machine, this is the way to go. Not really team-friendly as the desecrate circle is pretty small. This is more for solo play on high levels.[Image: HhUxbkI.jpg]

Tank + Range

I prefer the first build over this one, but if you're a range freak, this is the way to go. Very supportive for your team.
[Image: 8j2Ssi6.jpg]

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