Prime Accessories coming with Mesa Prime, a Miss?

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I have never bought a prime access as I prefer to farm what is farmable, but have purchased 3 or 4 prime accessory packs with most of them being pretty decent as well as a nice way to support the game I enjoy playing.  I was super excited after I saw how nice Mesa Prime came out, expecting similar quality in the upcoming accessories but alas I was super disappointed to see the upcoming offering of some operator face cosmetics and a prime sugatra... I am not saying no one will like these and want to pay $60 for the pack but I personally don't think it is worth the money.  I will say that if I didn't already have a lot of plat and boosters stacked up, the pack would be a little more appealing but from what ive seen I really don't think DE put much effort into this offering and IMO are missing out on a huge opportunity to make money this holiday season.  What do you guys think?  I did pity buy the Zephyr prime accessories with the operator outfit and kavat armor but just don't think I can justify dropping 60 bucks on this... see you in the void tenno


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