Want to hunt Eidolons, but don't know where to start? Look no further!

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So, I've been noticing both newer players and veterans of the game wondering how to successfully do a tricap (capturing all three eidolons). After some feedback on the discord server, I decided to put up a short overview of what the eidolon hunts are about and what the game-plan is, and lastly talk a little bit about what gear etc. is needed. I will not go in full detail about the different mechanics of the fights since that could confuse more than it would actually help. I think the only way to learn these fights is to be on the battlefield yourself and face the Eidolons. 

Rough explanation to how eidolons work:
- 3 eidolons: Teralyst (Terry), Gauntulyst (Garry), Hydrolyst (Harry)
- Only spawn at nighttime (which is 50 minutes every 1h40m i think)
- Lures, which are spawned at grineer camps, are required to CAPTURE an eidolon.
- To get the best loot available, and to be able to hunt the two more difficult eidolons, you need to CAPTURE the Teralyst.
- The lures have to be CHARGED to be able to capture an eidolon, which is done by having the lure pick up the astral form of 3 VOMVALYSTS (the annoying "orbs" that roam PoE at night).
- You need 2 charged lures to capture the Terry and 3 for both Garry and Harry (so 8 in total).

Now to the fun part:
- Meta team for eidolon hunts is: Chroma (dmg), Volt (shields), Harrow (survivability), Trinity (healing)
- To take down an Eidolon, you have to first deplete its' shields. You do this with an amp.
- Once the shields are down, you have to shoot the limbs (or synovias) on the eidolon. You do this most effectively with a sniper (Lanka, Rubico prime, Vectis prime), modded for radiation and/or cold damage (the eidolon has alloy armor).
- When a limb is taken out, the Eidolon will teleport away UNLESS you have ONE charged lure close to it.
- Once all limbs are taken out, the eidolon is ready to be captured, which is done by simply taking down all it's health, while having the appropriate amount of charged lures near him. And that's basically it...

- Arcane nullifier: Cheap arcane that is dropped from Terry. Gives a chance to resists magnetic procs that depletes your energy during eidolon energy spikes. Absolutely necessary if you don't want to waste an abundance of energy pads during the fight.
- Amp: 223. The meta amp as of now. There are many guides on what 223 means and why it's so good. Get it, and use secondary fire (R3) at all times.
- Energy pads: Self explanatory. You need energy to cast abilities, and since you're not supposed to run zenurik during an eidolon fight, the energy pads are very useful.
- Operator arcanes: Magus Husk (armor) and Magus Vigor (health). Your operator needs this to be able to survive (especially when fighting the hydrolyst).
- Amp arcane (optional): Virtuos Fury. 20% chance to get 30% extra damage on your amp when landing a status effect (secondary fire always procs impact, which means you always have a 20% chance of getting 30% extra damage).

Operator schools:
- Madurai: Void strike. Incredibly useful and mandatory if you want to do multiple tricaps per nightcycle. You can one-shot the eidolon shield if this ability is charged sufficiently. 
- Unairu: Unairu wisps. Not mandatory, but extremely helpful for the void strike users. Usually the Chroma who spawns them. The wisps look like regular cetus wisps and are spawned directly under the eidolons feet. Pro tip: Spawn the wisps on the left knee of the eidolon, while it's down after breaking a limb. 

Eidolon rewards:
- Arcanes. 
- Brilliant and radiant eidolon shards (can be turned into focus). Greatly underappreciated. You gain 155k focus per tridolon (all three eidolons captured). This focus is not affecting your daily focus cap, so you can farm focus very efficiently if you do a lot of tridolons.

That's about it from me. If you have further questions, or if something is poorly explained, please let me know.


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