Superframe Conest Winners!

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Superframe Conest Winners!
Best hero: @what_is_aut

[Image: Screenshot_2018-10-28_at_5.34.12_PM.png]

"He’s a Grineer. He’s a man. He is:
GRINEER MAN!!!!!! (biologically accurate statement(clearly))
Captured by Steel Meridian, he just wants to hear the sweet voice of Vay Hek one more time. He will stop at nothing to see the beautiful face of Vay Hek one more time. He will kill all the things to hear the exquisite praise of Vay Hek one more time.

also he is a superhero.


Best villain: @boytrauma

[Image: IMG_20181030_131634.jpg]

"The dead warrior. He was once a legendary warrior, renowned for his mastery and use of many weapons. His undoing was not on the battlefield but in loving a woman, The dead warrior fell in love with the king's daughter. Not only did the dead warrior have the kings daughter fall in love with him but also fathered a boy child with her. On learning of this, and realising the kings only daughter had given birth to the future heir of his vast kingdom. The king had the dead warrior killed and his body parts scattered all about the solar system. Not wanting the heir to be the son of the dead warrior, the king had the boy child drowned. The kings daughter in grief of losing her love and child killed herself in front of her king father and cursed him that the dead warrior will return to enact revenge. The king ordered the dead warriors heart to be entombed on a desert planet. The only living creatures on this planet were scarab beetles. The beatles found the dead warriors petrified heart and over the decades built a hive around it, the hive somehow brought back to life the dead warriors heart. As the heart grew slightly stronger over the years. The beatles scavenged unused robotic parts to fashion a frame for the heart to reside in and to function as a makeshift body. As more advanced body parts and weapons became available to scavenge, sometimes by means of killing, the dead warrior and his scarab army left the planet. The dead warrior now roams the solar system, he feeds his scarab army from his fallen victims, takes any robotics and weapons that will improve his body and allow him to enact revenge."

Both winners can choose any cosmetic (syandana, armor sets, and skins; no bundles) and color palette to claim as their own! PM me to get your prizes.

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