Seasoned Tenno inbound :clem:

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What's up Whiskey and Rage County!

Madsium here, with Fortuna on the horizon (PS4) I'm stoked to be back in full swing climbing to max MR, blasting corpus in the face and hunting eidolons with you all.

I'm currently at MR20 so I know my around the solar system, have some decent builds but am always looking at new ways to play with my weapons and frames. You'll find me on my main Nezha running the safeguard augment mod for squad support, or lately running Nyx Prime and zipping around confusing everything that moves. I'm happy to help any younger tenno out, completing the star chart, farming mats, grinding for prime parts etc. Of course, I'm always looking to get into sorties, arbitrations, running plague and other end game timed events. Lastly, I'll certainly help out in contributions in the dojo when I have what we're working towards.

I'm 31 years old from Spokane, WA, USA. I have a full time job, loving wife and a 9 year old son (both of which occasionally will play Destiny and Warframe with me for shits and giggles). In my free time when I'm not logged in, I'm in the studio with my wife working on music. We are a female fronted metal duo, she sings and I play the guitar, drums, bass, keys then engineer and produce the music. (Imagine if Evanescence played 8 string guitars and the dude didn't sing). 

I'm an avid Rick & Morty fan, and they better bring back Mr. Poopybutthole for the new seasons #Wubba-Lubba-Dub-Dub! Looking forward to meeting you all and if you want to talk music and ridiculous cartoons, send an invite Clem

PSN: Madsium
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