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Let's begin with thanks for accepting me to the clan! Looking forward to getting to know you ppl, will try my best to help and contribute to the clan the best I can. I've been playing Warframe on/off for few years now, mostly solo and without friends. Probably that's the reason why I never could stay around for that long which is a shame: I love Warframe. So I'm really trying to get into the game and learn as much as I can alongside other people. 
But yeah just a quick introduction, I'm bad at these: 
I'm a shy Finnish girl blazing through space and time to find that sweet loot. I enjoy white wine, lo-fi and having chill chats to help me unwind from my studies and job. I'm a  Taurus, my spirit animal is a leopard gecko, and coffee is my one true God. 
See ya out there, Tenno  Hungry Kavat


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