Superframe Contest!

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[Image: 505596637142450195.png?v=1] Superframe Contest!
(ends Nov. 4th)
Ever want to be a superhero? Maybe a villain? Submit your best looking superhero/villain themed Warframe you have!

How to Play
Get an amazing screenshot of your Warframe in your arsenal and post it in a reply! You may also include a badass captura for some extra points. [Image: b277c5ffb43011a356200198cf76b22d.svg] An example of a submission has been posted in this thread.

Want to increase your badassery even more? Give your superhero/villain a name and a backstory. Include this along with your submission.

The best superhero AND villain will be able to choose any cosmetic (syandana, armor sets, and skins; no bundles) and color palette from the market to claim as their own.

  1. Only 1 submission is allowed.
  2. If you want to resubmit, delete your old one and repost.
  3. Must follow the clan and forum rules.

Odium (Villain) - An assassin who was manipulated into killing his own friends will stop at nothing to make sure every last obstacle he comes across is eliminated. Even after taking the lives of those who wronged him, he still uses his endless rage to slaughter anyone who has a price over their head. Even if they don't deserve it.
[Image: w0TuIwT.jpg][Image: xDvHyCa.jpg]

Enjoy the contest, Tenno! [Image: b731b88b6459090c02b8d1e31a552c5a.svg]

40 year old virgins are wizards.  Loki Wot

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