Dojo Scavenger Hunt #3!

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Dojo Scavenger Hunt #3!
This is the biggest scavenger hunt yet and hopefully all of them are found. [Image: 0dc84c65dd1003af7a7f9c29e5be0da0.svg]

Prizes for Items Found:
You are only allowed to win ONCE. Do NOT post more than one finding.
 [Image: 499824616836169758.png?v=1] (Anasa Sculpture) - Filled Anasa Sculpture @BestStryve 
[Image: 499824616701952000.png?v=1] (Clem Noggle) - 7 day affinity booster @Travie2JZ 
[Image: 499824616525529099.png?v=1] (Ember Noggle) - Orokin Reactor @what_is_aut 
[Image: 499824616764604416.png?v=1] (Excalibur Noggle) - ONE color palette of your choosing @joakk90
[Image: 499824616534048769.png?v=1] (Frost Noggle) - Orokin Catalyst @Tumblrinna 
[Image: 499824616857010186.png?v=1] (Lotus Noggle) - ONE deluxe bundle set of your choosing @MattyBoy_92
 [Image: 499824707504177172.png?v=1] (Orokin Tea Set) - Warframe and weapon slot @IChokedArty 

How do I Submit a Find?
Post a screenshot, in scavenge, of the item you found (of you looking at it in the dojo) and you will be counted as a winner!

This contest ends when there is nothing left to find. Items will be crossed out in the list above when it has been found. Enjoy the hunt, Tenno!  Queen of Nothing  

40 year old virgins are wizards.  Loki Wot
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