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Good Morning!!

Most people are a little uncomfortable calling me Daddy, so I go by DC or Cakes. My son gave me this name when he was very young and I was trying to think of my PSN on my Playstation 3. He walked past me in just a diaper and said "What's up Daddycakes." I laughed and the name just stuck. 

So a little about me. I am from the East Coast, Maryland to be specific. I am 39 years young, been gaming for most of those years. I have 4 children, 2 of which play Warframe with me occasionally, all of whom game. My fiancée doesn't exactly like it, but she tolerates my playtime lol. I've been on the game since launch, on and off, and have amassed quite a collection of crap. I still find myself learning something new about the game almost everyday, but where I can help I will. Feel free to add me on PSN, just put Rage in the message so I know who it's from, I get a ton of those spam messages. Thanks for having me, and I hope to become an asset to the County real soon. 




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