5 Stars Having a good time!

Been in the clan for a few months now and am really liking most of it.  Within my first week I had won a Nekros Prime set just by being the first one to show up at the Dojo following a giveaway message in clan chat!  I missed out on a scavenger hunt but did make it to the hide and seek event.  These extra events really help mix things up and introduce you to other members.  I have found a few members that I team up with fairly regularly and hope to keep meeting and playing with more members.  I have noticed recently that the forum seems kind of dead.  The only new posts for awhile were new players introducing themselves.  The Discord on the other hand always seems to have people chatting away and I personally prefer that medium anyways due to most of my interactions taking place on my phone.  All in all Rage County is a great clan, and I am grateful to be a member!



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