5 Stars Rage County? A bit of rage and very much a family-county

I started playing Warframe about 2 months ago and was a total noob when first joining Rage County. I remember the ad from our supreme leader Whiskey, went to the website and thought: "Hmm, this clan looks very professional. I wonder if I meet the requirements."  On the website I was immediately met with a support person in the support chat, who informed me of how to join the clan and that the clan requirement was to be Master Rank 5. I was then directed to the discord server. 

As soon as I entered the discord server, I was met with a welcome and even more guidance. Since I was only MR 3 or 4, I couldn't join Rage County just yet, but there were willing players to help me out reaching that milestone. In a couple of hours I was MR 5 and could submit an application to join the clan.

Now, if you're a new player reading this, know that a lot of the players in Rage County are extremely skilled and doing high level content. Start chart? Did that months or even years ago. So if you need help with a node or clearing a planet, it might be difficult finding people at your level. Don't let this discourage you! Ask in clan chat and somebody will surely help you get through the initial stages of the game. Heck, I was almost given all the mods for a fully functional HEK build at the start from one of the members, which helped me get through all of the Star Chart with no problem. Furthermore, if you're feeling like you don't understand the conversations that are going around on the forums/Discord involving end game content in Warframe - don't worry, you'll get there! It took me roughly 2 months to clear the star chart (ok, I'm not totally done yet. The Archwing missions are a pain and I thoroughly despise doing them) and after that you can start doing FUN stuff like building the weapons you like, farming all the warframes, doing sorties and nightmare missions, Eidolon hunting etc etc. 

With that said, I really like the atmosphere of the clan and I hope you will like it too.

Happy hunting :D


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