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I entered Warframe a few years ago wondering what the heck is this and how does it work? I started out a crappy player, and over the years i developed my skills, and still to this day am a crappy player. But that is besides the point. I kept throughout my time looking for an active clan that offered a welcoming community that could teach me more about the game and help me through the challenges i would be faced with, and after a few failed attempts i gave up for the longest time and took a small break from warframe. Then come a few months back from now, i discovered in the warframe discord an ad for this clan, which looked very welcoming an active. The more i read through it the more excited i became! Finally a clan that was active and could help me through the challenges Warframe throws at you! I joined as soon as possible and was welcomed into an astonishing community! Not long after that i was able to take down my first few eidolons with the help of classes, get through the war within, and begin to get through so much i couldn't before, thanks to this motivating welcoming clan that i do not regret joining.


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