4 Stars Powee's Review

I've been waiting and waiting to do my clan review for quite some time now, but been too lazy too do so, but the day has finally

I have been in the clan for about 3 months or so now, and I feel like I had a taste of everything the clan can offer, and also long enough to see its flaws as well.

let me start with the bad, clan activity at times can be "iffy" at times in the discord (and I know people have a life and cant chat everyday), im not sayings its horrible, and that's its not getting better but anything can get better.

next is game activity, I feel like slowly but surely were moving away from focusing on game activity, again like how I said earlier its not bad but it can be better, and a way to improve it is too host more in-game activitys

now the good about the clan ive seen is a friendly environment and great people (we had some toxic people I know that not bringing up names so I don't get in trouble, fight me lol) but the clan from the first day I joined was friendly and has never felt like a bad or not welcoming place

next is how many people are willing to help players/member's, so I know were not the biggest clan but shit, if you ask for help you 9/10 get help from someone and I love that about the clan, and its from in game info, to what to do next in warframe.

so maybe this was short or not a good review but ill sum it up, the clan is a great clan with great people and leaders, but lacks in activity at times, but that's it for now, and if you haven't done a clan review yet feel free to make one right after this and it really helps, byeee
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