Hide and Seek Contest! (UPCOMING)

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Hide and Seek Contest!
How It Works
Everyone goes to the dojo at a certain time. I (Whiskey) will walk around the dojo and try to find everyone who is hiding. I would have my mini map hidden and I wouldn't be able to sprint, bullet jump forwards (only upwards), or slide. Members who I see will have their name typed in the chat and lose. The last 5 members standing get a random prize.

Only ONE prize is rewarded to everyone. You can't choose what prize you get. Think of it as a sortie reward. Ancient
  • Zuaba armor bundle
  • 3 forma
  • 3 day affinity booster
  • Eidolon lens blueprint
  • Mirage Prime

This event will start next Sunday at 12 PM EST. Set your timers! [Image: jonprodman.png]

40 year old virgins are wizards.  Loki Wot

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