Upcoming Dojo Scavenger Hunt

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Dojo Scavenger Hunt #2
Wohoo! First of all, thank the patrons (donators) of the clan for making this even happen. Pssst! The ones with the green names! So this event will be very similar to the last one, but with a twist. The noggle you find depends on what prize you get. Below is a list of the noggles that will be hidden and what prizes they give.
  • Excalibur Noggle - 50 [Image: 340985947183382529.png?v=1], Hunter Munitions, and Fanged Fusillade
  • Frost Noggle - Blind Rage and Chilling Globe
  • Ember Noggle - Firewalker and Overextended
  • Loki Noggle - Power Drift, Corrosive Projection, and Energy Siphon

This event starts Friday at 3 PM EST. Just head to the dojo at exactly 3 PM EST to get there right on time.

If you want to see more events like this, consider becoming a patron! [Image: 0dc84c65dd1003af7a7f9c29e5be0da0.svg] https://patreon.com/rage_county

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