5 Stars The Rage Clan Review

Most of the time, I just go to clans because I want to up my game and make myself a better player by siding with others that can carry me, but after I came into Rage County, I've managed to profit off of my teammates and become someone that others can profit off of. Not often do I ever feel like this, where I'm not just a low-level, low-power player that gets stiffed because of money, weaker gear, or other such hinderances, and I'm happy that Rage County has managed to take my game up and then allow me to get a good feel of the game to the point where I can contribute to the clan and to any other players that might need my help to clear missions and progress further.

The people of Rage County are generally well-mannered people, who, if online, will be glad to help you out in Warframe when they don't have business to attend to themselves. I remember back in the day when I enlisted groups of people to help me out in Sorties and let me know of the right builds to further amp my damage and use to the clan and the success in my missions, and now that those days have passed, I feel so confident in doing things myself that the mastery rank I have at the moment makes me feel happy with myself, and I don't have to pressure myself to get new weapons and sell the ones that I have as dead weight just to do so. And if I do feel like I'm running out of space, people will have platinum on them and, more often than not, I'll have something that they'll want in exchange for their platinum. And considering the price that Platinum goes for these days, it's a very welcoming sight to see the clan members helping each other out and making sure that most newcomers can get the full Warframe experience without having to spend a single penny.

I don't know what else to say, I would be lost without these people, so thank you, everyone at Rage County for helping me reach my full potential, and for becoming a greater Warframe player as a whole. I hope that, in the future, I can contribute much more to the clan and make myself an even greater player than before, and I look forward to the many more events to come in the near future.

You get a solid 9.9/10!


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