4 Stars Clan review

Hello to anyone reading this.

Right off the bat as a new player asking for rank 5 might seem like a hurdle but once you know how to rank it's really a piece of cake.  This is really more of a how committed are you to actually playing the game than anything else.  It's a free to download and try game, so we just want to make sure you intend to stick around.

Whiskey's commitment to the clan is unquestionable.  He puts an unhealthy amount of time, effort and capital into it.  Between the website, the clan hall and pretty much anything warframe he's all in.  If he could afford to play all day I think he would.

The clan runs the gamut from new players to super experienced.  I've yet to run into anyone who's been a dick so that's a definite plus.  It's really hard to have so many people in anything without anyone butting heads but so far I've never seen any issues.  Of course this could mean I'm the dick and no one has told me yet.

Players are always willing to help out with any questions and if you are struggling there is usually someone who can lend a hand.  The reason I'm not putting this as a 5 star review is because nothing is perfect.  The biggest issue is with our ability to communicate.  I hate having my headset on unless I'm in a group and typing with a controller SUCKS...  Even though, I've chatted with a couple of people who I think are really cool and are happy to be clan mates with.  

Personally I play daily and eventually hope to get some prime frames and run some end game stuff regularly.  This game has plenty of grind but not all of it is bad.  The clan makes it a lot easier to deal with the games faults.  If you join up and want to hook up in game I'm almost always up for it.  I want to give a shout out to the staff because I know whiskey doesn't do it alone but I only know one staff member so thanks to the crew that makes everything happen.

Best Regards


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