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After unlocking content in a post, all hidden content is unlocked. So you don't have to pay 50 RB each for the builds.
And to anyone wondering what RB (Rage Bucks) is, it's a free forum currency you get from posting.

So since this is the best primary weapon I have, I have decided to hide this build for RB. It is so overpowered that I think Warframe messed up on the damage numbers when they buffed a bunch of those weapons. This weapon can single-handedly take out 20 of the level 140 Corrupted Heavy Gunners with ease. Just pull the trigger, aim for the head, and watch everything die in seconds.

This is great for your regular missions as it absolutely destroys all enemies without giving them a chance. This would be great on sorties and in The Index, which is why I have it on my credit farming build. 10/10 would recommend. I will also be posting an easy build for those who don't have the mods.

With Riven
+115.9% crit damage & +80.6 toxin

Without Riven:

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