4 Stars Clan review, from 1 week of experience

I've been here for almost 1 week now, so i think it's time for me to make a review about this clan, i'll review the core points of the clan and rate them:

Community: 5 Stars! Everyone here is friendly to everyone, no toxicity or saltiness, as it should be in every community. The giveaway sistem is pretty clever, you need to stay active in the forum to increase your chances to win it since if you buy just 1 entry you probably won't.

Activity: 4 stars. Activity is OK, i've talked to atleast a quarter of the clan already (Excluding the inactive ones). Sometimes there are activity drops but that's not a problem (Not 1 hour activity drops, a whole day).

In-game: 3 stars. I never see a lot of people online in-game, usually just 8, no more. I suggest adding one or more time schedules to keep the clan active for everyone.

Dojo: 5 stars! Probably one of the most well-designed Dojos i've ever saw, organized and decorated.


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