5 Stars Non-biased Clan Review and more

Hi. Before I start, I just want to let you know that is totally un-biased, legit review, and no one put a gun to my head and say that I would die if I didn't make a clan review. I'm making this for the people who are thinking about joining Rage County.
I came from a shitty clan that didn't help anyone, still were active and had a alliance, but didn't help anyone. I think the only person who actually helped out players was the warlord/leader himself. I came across Rage County from a advertisement in the official Warframe Discord server. I checked out the community, and the Discord, and I decided to give this clan a go. What I found was something I never have experienced a clan in ANY game before. There is helpful and active people, community programs, a external way of communication apart from in-game chat (Discord), and the Discord had many resources which I could use. But what about the dojo? The dojo is big, like really big, and well designed. The forums (where you are right now), is also a great place to get engaged with the community. If you want instant messaging, however, join the clan's Discord (link on the top right corner at https://www.ragecounty.com)! In the Discord, we have helpful bots that can notify you whenever a type of alert that you selected comes up, where to farm or find certain things, and even tell you the Riven disposition of guns and sentinel weapons! We also have channels (chats for certain things) where you can talk about Warframe, ask for help, squad up for missions, and even a chat where you send memes, and other dark stuff that no one else wants to see. Not NSFW, by the way. If you're a bit skeptical of the giveaways, I have won a few and I just wanted to say that they're not rigged. Just buy giveaway entries with Rage Bucks, and if you have enough, I recommend you to buy the Giveaway Entry Booster, which if you time right, you can have up to 4x more giveaway entries put in everyday! Uh, any cons of this clan? From my experience in the clan, no. This clan has literally been the best clan I've ever joined. Ever. 
I hope you found this useful!  Flovor


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