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Khora Contest

@Kabrys_ has won! Alad Shock
Khora! Where?! WHERE?! Right here. Yeah that's right. I'm going to be giving away Khora to a special someone. Kawaii Charger To enter this contest you have to have a forum account (which all of you do). If you have trouble logging in just PM me and we'll get it sorted out in minutes!

How to Enter
Go to sanctuary onslaught (through the relay by talking to Cephalon Simaris) and play until your fingers bleed! Who ever gets the highest score (in a single game) gets the ultimate prize, Khora. This contest ends on the 24th. Alad Shock

Already Have Khora?
If you win, and you already have Khora, you can be generous and give the prize to someone else or take the 325 [Image: takemyplats.png] she is worth.

How to Submit an Entry
Reply to this thread with a screenshot of your score. You can squad up with anyone you'd like and bring any equipment you want. How to upload images on the forums

If you can't upload an entry, send a screenshot to a staff member and they'll submit it for you.

  • No stealing screenshots (reverse image searching is a thing, plz no cheating :cryClem
  • No double posting (you are allowed to update your post, but please don't post again)
  • No modifying your images (please be fair and don't use your extreme skills to edit the image)
  • Play nice (no shaming people or being a dick)

Enjoy this contest! Please let me know if you have any questions. Clem

40 year old virgins are wizards.  Loki Wot

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