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Hey guys,

Was thinking about making certain days and at certain times of the day to be set as a specific farming or leveling meet. 
It will be a weekly recurring thing with a set schedule so that our clan members can make time or at least know that at this time, if I need a certain resource, I'll need to come on at this set time.

Clan members can choose to come on and start hosting squads and it will be easier to fill up the squad with people that has the same objective. Of course, it will help everyone improve to collect resources needed for crafting of just plain grinding on levels in Hydron.

Example : 

Every Monday :
  • 12pm - 2pm : rare resource grinding : Orokin Cell | Argon Crystal | Tellurium | Neurodes | (any other resource)
  • 2pm to 4pm : Leveling at Hydron
  • 4pm to 6pm : Relic Hunting : Lith | Meso | Neo | Axi
  • 8pm to 10pm : Relic Opening : Lith | Meso | Neo | Axi
Every Tuesday : 
  • 12pm - 2pm : Rare Mods Grinding : Primary Weapon Mods
  • 2pm - 4pm : Melee weapon mods
  • 6pm-8pm : Warframe Mods
then every wednesday and so on, you get the jist of it. I hope. ( the timing is an example, i know some of us if not all are working or studying) 
  • I think this way we will encourage members to come on more often to work on specific missions and also help build our community better by helping each other out. Like how Snow helped me 2 days in a row with argon crystal farming and also taxi me to a locked node. 
  • Having a squad of people with the same objectives also makes running missions more fun as opposed to some players wanting to loot containers while some of the squadmates wanna end the mission ASAP. Or some squadmates wants to have long runs in survival while some will extract as early as 10mins. We've had our fair share of douchy squadmates.
  • It will also help give bored players something to do as I am sure that there are some players who sit in front of the screen and wonder what to do. Instead of having nothing to do, we could help other clan members and benefit from the missions in the process, killing few birds with a stone.
This only works if everyone in the clan works together to make it happen and also with a schedule figured out to suit the timing for everyone as best as possible.

Let me know what you guys think about this =)

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