Forum Announcement: Purchasing/Selling/Trading on/with Rage County
Purchasing, Selling, and Trading, on/with Rage County

Terms of Trade

Rage County is a community that respectfully follows the
Warframe TOS and EULA and will not sell, purchase, or trade you anything on our website or in our community for anything related to Warframe, Digital Extremes, and/or any other games or services than Rage County. Suggesting or completing the act of giving, buying, or selling anything from Warframe for a Rage County community item will result in you being removed from our community permanently.

Community Membership, Subscriptions, and Currencies

Everything on our website is completely free and becoming a member of this community (in-game, on the forums, etc.) does NOT require payment. We offer rewards on Patreon that are strictly for our website/forums and Discord, nothing else. We do not offer any items from any other services, games, etc. than Rage County. Premium subscriptions, shop items, or anything on our market can be earned or purchased with a free currency called "Rage Bucks" (RB for short). We do not offer a paid or free currency that allows you to purchase any items from any other services, games, etc. than Rage County. Rage Bucks can be earned by completing tasks on the website such as posting threads and replies. We may also give out Rage Bucks on special occasions.