Forum Announcement: Punishments, Bans, and Account Security
Punishments, Bans, and Account Security

PUNISHMENT POLICY: When you are banned from Rage County for a serious infraction (such as mass spam), you are added to a global blacklist that notifies other sites that you are a potential spammer. You will be unable to view or register on some sites and applications that use advanced spam protection. The list below shows which bans and punishments add you to the blacklist. We cannot manually add/remove IPs, usernames, etc. to the blacklist. After you are banned and we think you could be dangerous to other communities, we put in a request that you be added to the global blacklist. No one is added to the global blacklist without thorough investigation by the services we use. We use spam protection services such as StopForumSpam, DNSBL, and BRBL. If you are added to the global blacklist, you can contact our support team to submit a request for removal.

Forum Punishments and Bans:

Purge - Deletes all your posts, private messages, etc. and IP bans you. (added to global blacklist)
IP Ban - Bans your IP address from the forums permanently. (possibility of being added to the global blacklist)
Termination - Bans your account permanently. (possibility of being added to the global blacklist)
Account Deletion - Deletes your forum account permanently. (possibility of being added to the global blacklist)
Ban - Bans are temporary and restrict your access from entering your account.
Content Deletion - Deletes a certain type of posted content from the forums from your account. This punishment usually follows with a ban.
Post Suspension - Removes the ability for you to post on the forums. This punishment is most likely temporary.
Rage Bucks Suspension - Disallows your account to earn Rage Bucks.
Post Moderation - All posts made must be approved by clan staff. This punishment is most likely temporary and almost always given with a warning.
Signature Suspension - Disallows you from editing, using, or adding a signature to your forum account. This punishment is most likely temporary.
Giveaway Ban - Permanently restricts your account from entering giveaways.
Force Password Change - If your account has been compromised we will give your account a random complex password and force a password change on it. We will personally deliver the password to the original account owner so you can change it to your preferences.
Avatar Removal - If your avatar violates the rules we will remove it from your profile. This punishment usually follows with a ban depending on what content the avatar contained.
Warning - A private message is delivered to your inbox describing that you were warned. Warnings usually increase your warning level and can be viewed in your user control panel.
Account Deactivation - This is not a punishment or a ban, but a way to ensure account security. If we think your account is compromised or showing strange behavior, we may disable or terminate your account and contact you via email or Discord to resolve the issue.

Discord Punishments and Bans:

Permanent ban - Permanently restricts your access to the server. (possibility of being added to the global blacklist)
Temporary ban - Temporarily restricts your access to the server for a set amount of time.
Soft ban - Bans your account from the server and then unbans it, deleting all your sent messages from a set time.
Kick - Forces you to leave the server.
Mute - Automatically given if an infraction is made and can be given by clan staff. This restricts your access to communicate and see communication in certain channels.
Channel Mute - Permanently restricts your access from sending messages in a specified channel.
Deafen - Disallows you from hearing anyone in the voice chat channels.
Purge - Deletes a certain amount of sent messages from your account.
Warning - Adds a warning log entry to your account if you broke a rule. This can be added by volunteer moderators and clan staff.

Clan Punishments and Bans:
If you were removed for inactivity, it is not counted as a punishment or ban.

Removal from Clan - Removes your account from the clan, Discord server, and forums.
Chat Kick/Ban - Restricts your access to chat in the clan chat for a set amount of time.
Warning - A clan staff member notifies you of something you did wrong and instructs you to not do it again.