Forum Announcement: Forum Rules
Forum Rules

Rules are enforced by clan staff and volunteer moderators. Breaking most of these rules will result in an account suspension or worse. Being punished for breaking a rule can also have an impact in-game and lead you to be kicked from the clan. These rules also apply to private messaging.

  1. No spamming.
  2. No posting in the wrong forums. (posts will be moved to correct forums)
  3. No scamming.
  4. No posting links to inappropriate and dangerous sites, Discord servers, etc. (only safe sites allowed)
  5. No all caps or excessive emotes.
  6. No excessive symbols, letters, stolen/third-party content, etc. that are there to just earn more Rage Bucks. This includes quoting an entire thread to earn more Rage Bucks.
  7. No impersonating clan staff, volunteer moderators, bots, users, etc.
  8. No posting any content consisting of pornographic nature, disturbing images or descriptions, racist/sexist/anti-religion pictures/descriptions/stolen content/statements/comments/etc., and content that would be considered inappropriate.
  9. No posting advertisements, promotions, etc.
  10. No references to anything that would lead someone to something inappropriate.
  11. No asking people to do something that would lead them to be warned/banned/punished.
  12. No talking down to the clan or clan staff. We all work hard to keep this community awesome.
  13. No begging for anything related to Rage County, Warframe, or anything that Rage County is hosted on.
  14. Must use your PS4 or in-game name on the forums. (will be changed if you haven't set it)
  15. No buying/selling reputations, ratings, etc.
  16. No selling/buying Warframe items for Rage Bucks, real currency, etc. (only in-game items can be traded for other in-game items on Warframe)
  17. No selling anything on our website for Rage Bucks unless the item you're selling (for Rage Bucks) belongs to Rage County.
  18. No excessive topic bumping or bumping a thread unnecessarily.
  19. No replying to threads that have not received a reply for over 3 months.
  20. No alt-accounts unless your primary account was lost. (contact support to resolve this issue)
  21. No threads that lead others to post replies that can be counted as spam or flood.
  22. No leeching off of clan resources. (using clan resources constantly without being in the clan; resources also include asking for assistance)

The rules can be changed at any time without notice to keep the community a friendly and safe environment. Please just use common sense when it comes to being in this community.