Forum Announcement: Inactivity Terms
Inactivity Terms
These terms are to keep the community as active as it can be. Please read up on these terms if you do not know them already. Not following the terms listed will result in you being kicked from the clan. Being removed from inactivity isn't a big deal and we always allow you to submit another application at

  • You must chat on Discord OR the forums every 30 days (your forum account will only be deactivated if you have less than 3 posts 60 days after you register)
  • You must post at least three Discord messages a month to be counted as active
    You must post at least one forum thread/reply a month to be counted as active
  • The maximum amount of time you can be offline from Warframe is 45 days; after that, you get removed
  • After being removed from the clan for inactivity 3 times, you are not allowed to join back
Submitting an away report will allow you to go offline/not chat for up to 90 days (3 months) without being kicked. Your away report will be invalidated once you are seen online again (on Warframe) or chatting on Discord or the forums. We let you have a life, but please know that activity is a requirement to keep this clan running like a super-charged bull on space roids. Thanks! What the Hek

Inactivity Kicks
We host inactivity kicks at random times to ensure the community is active and engaged. The council and staff help sort the inactive members so we know who to remove and who to promote. If you're ever kicked for inactivity we allow you to join back, but you must submit another application. If you are kicked by accident we will look into the issue and send you an invite ASAP with no application needed.

Summary of Terms
You are allowed to go offline from Warframe for up to 44 days, but you must still contribute to clan activity by posting on either the forums or Discord. This means all you have to do is chat actively on Discord and/or the forums and not go offline for 45 days straight. We don't require you to use both, but it is recommended. Submitting an away report excludes you from being kicked for up to 90 days. After being kicked 3 times for inactivity, you can't join back.