Forum Announcement: [READ] Public Clan Feedback
Public Clan Feedback
Clan feedback is a way to improve the community and let others know whether they should be certain to join the county. Submitting feedback will not affect you in any way. This means that we will not remove or edit any reviews that are negative. We will remove a review if it breaks the forum or feedback rules. Keep it friendly as possible! You can reply to any review here if you have opinions on it, but we strongly recommend posting your own.[Image: vPxxH5O.png]

  • Must be in the clan or a recent member
  • Must not start a war in the replies on a review (Ordis would be disappointed)
  • Must only post ONE review (you can edit yours as many times as you want; threads that don't receive replies for 60 days are locked)
  • No posting a review about a member of the clan (reviews on the community as a whole, or a part of the community, is allowed)