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How to Join
Applications may take up to 48 hours, or more, to process. Contacting a staff member will not make the process move faster. Please be patient. Kubrow Wot
Rules and Requirements
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How to Join
Be sure to read our inactivity terms before continuing.
Step 1: Join our Discord server and/or forums (register here)
Step 2: Copy the template below and paste it into a new thread
Step 3: Fill out the template and submit it (the submit button is located at the bottom of the new thread page)
* What is your mastery rank?:
* Are you a weekly or daily player?:
* How would you rate your skill in Warframe from 1-10? (10 being an unstoppable immortal tiger with laser eyes):
* What is your name on the clan Discord server? (ignore if none):
  Why do you want to join?:
* = required


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