Rage County - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ! This is a great source of information to those who want to know more about the clan and what has already been asked. We tried to include as much information as possible to clear things up for everyone.

Are Giveaways Legit?

As you may know, we host monthly giveaways for the clan and announce the winners on the clan livestream and Discord. Every giveaway starts and ends on the 25th of each month, which is the same day as the livestreams. We promise that every item on the giveaway page is in the foundry and ready to be traded. If you're chosen as a winner you can contact Whiskey1015566 to claim your prizes.

Can We Build the Solar Rails?

Short answer, no. Dark sectors are in armistice so we can't begin the research on solar rails. The game doesn't allow it and will show an error message if you try. We promise that we would've done it if it was possible.

How Do Giveaways Work?

So you want to know how giveaways work, huh? Easy! Giveaways can be entered in by using our free currency, Rage Bucks (RB for short). An entry costs 60 RB while a booster costs 175 RB. You can purchase a giveaway entry every 12 hours and a booster every 4 hours.

All entries are sent to a log where the date, name, expiration date, etc. are listed. When the giveaway ends the names from the list are pasted into a Google sheet and then pasted, again, into our giveaway winner generator. The reason for two pastes is so we can separate the names from the other rows. A random winner is selected in order from 1st to 3rd. The more entries someone has, the more of a chance they have at winning. You can only earn ONE place in the giveaway.

How Do I Contribute to Research? Is It Required?

Contributing to research is definitely a requirement! Most of the new research is completed almost immediately so it's nothing to stress about, but something to look into. If you see a new item has been released in the dojo go to the lab that it's in (we have transporters you can use to get there quickly) and access the panel. Look for an item that doesn't have a green wreath and select it to contribute resources. Every donation towards research helps a ton and we thank you for doing it.

Is All the Research Completed?

So far we have all research items completed except dojo colors and event weapons. We do plan on researching all the colors and the event weapons, when they're available.

Is Rage County on PC or Xbox?

Oh man. Well no, sadly. Right now our community is only on PS4, but we plan on coming to PC and Xbox as well.

What Are Rage Bucks and How Do I Earn Them?

Rage Bucks are a free currency you can get on our forums by posting threads, replies, and completing other tasks. Rage Bucks can be used to enter giveaways, buy shop items, premium memberships, etc. We will NEVER require you to pay for anything. Rage Bucks are only used for our community and nothing else. You can't use them to purchase anything outside of Rage County and it breaks our rules if you do. Please be careful!

Will We Get an Alliance?

This is probably the most asked question of all. Short answer, yes and no. What we plan on doing is creating an alliance, but keeping it in the flames of rage. We will never create an alliance with other clans, but instead create multiple Rage County clans and add them to the alliance. Plans include creating a new player clan for those under mastery rank 5, an experienced player clan, and more. Other clans in the alliance will also be there if we don't have the capacity to fit anyone else. We will always be open for new members.

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