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What is Rage County?

About Us

We founded Rage County with the idea of creating the most helpful and friendly gaming community. We started on June 9th, 2017 in the game Warframe. From there our community only became more dedicated with new members joining in every day.

We plan on spreading the county over many games and platforms so that everyone can join our community and empower their gaming experience. Our community will not waste your time or make you feel uncomfortable. Join us today by filling out an application.

What is the purpose of the county?

The Creation of Rage County

This community was created to allow for a place where people can freely ask for help and become better players; a place for gamers to meet up, have fun, and help each other succeed. No matter how big the county gets, everyone here will always be a family willing to dedicate their time to help others.

You may also notice that our community doesn't allow for "toxic" behavior. When we were creating Rage County, it was decided that we would allow freedom of speech but not tolerate any form of harassment/bullying. We didn't need to enforce this rule as the members did it themselves by being friendly and caring to anyone and everyone.

What does our community offer?

What We Offer

We try and give our members as much as we can to assist them in whatever they need. We offer a fully interactive Discord server with commands, the latest updates, and features to keep you engaged. Our forums are full of information from other members that you can use to expand your knowledge and become a better player.

You can always contact anyone from our community if you need help with something. Our player base is from all around the world, so members are always online. If no one is available to help you, you can always contact a member of our staff or volunteer team to assist you.

Our giveaways, streams, and contests are frequently hosted with giveaways and streams every month. Our giveaways and contests always consist of valuable in-game items, and we'll always deliver the promised prizes to the winners.

This page is currently under construction as of 7/20/2018.

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